We have teamed up with  local suppliers who have tailor made a vertical hydroponic  growing tower system that compliments our greenhouses perfectly.

Now this is a game changer.

Locally made and with parts and backup service , vertical growing maximizes the available space in the greenhouse , this enables us to get a large number of plants into a smaller area. Hydroponic growing systems are efficient and can produce crops up to 5 times faster than conventional growing methods.

Vegetable and Herb growing calendar
Vegetables in Watercrest Gardenhouse
Herbs that work well together


We have an excellent range of products from GENERAL HYDROPONICS EUROPE ( G.H.E.)

Please visit their website to choose what product you require and for more technical information

We are stocking the most popular items and are able to get other items at short notice from our supplier.

Flora grow - R170 – R7650

Flora bloom - R170 – R7650

GHE Ripen - R 165- R7600

GHE tripack - R450.00

GHE Floragro Plant Nutrients
GHE Florabloom Plant Nutrients
GHE Ripen Plant Nutrients
GHE Tripack Plant Nutrients


GHE ph    up ( pic)  .5 litre R95.00

GHE ph down  (pic) . 5 litre R 95.00

Testing kits (pic GHE site )       R85.00


GHE. Cocotek  coir 50litre   R 230.00


Plastic net pots - R2.50  - R3.00

Vegetables in Watercrest Gardenhouse
DIY Garden Hydroponics
Vegetables in Watercrest Gardenhouse
GHE Hydroponics