Watercrest engineering is a family run business based in the Waterfall/Hillcrest area of K.Z.N.

We undertake steel fabrication work of just about all descriptions from custom made furniture items to driveway gates. We do repair work as well as new fabrications and are able to work with mild steels, aluminium as well as stainless steel.

Our workshop is well equipped and our staff are helpful and willing to assist.

Our core business is the construction of Greenhouses and growing tunnels.

Drawing on 8 years experience in this field we have developed our own range of Greenhouses and tunnels, designed specifically to meet the needs of the emerging farmer , gardener and small holder alike. Our impressive range of greenhouses and vegetable tunnels are on display at our showroom and shop. We are also able to provide our customers with a range of essential consumables as well as a range of hydroponic setups with the parts and back up service people have come to expect from us.


Although we have branched out into the greenhouse tunnel world and now have our own shop and showroom, we are still an engineering company. The workshops stand apart from the shop and showroom and this is where our fabrication is done.

We still take walk in jobs for a repair here and there and are able to sit down with you and work out the details of whatever it is that you need made. Then we gear up and do production runs or once off fabrications.

Our friends next door at Linkhills engineering support us with any machining work we require, turning and milling etc.

So apart from our fantastic greenhouses, we still offer a top notch service in general engineering fabrications.

Watercrest Engineering – OUR VISION:

Lets face it, we live in hard times and the production of food and being more self-reliant is becoming more important every day. we are growing more aware of some of the nasty chemicals used in commercial farming practices and are now more educated than ever before about what we are consuming.

These factors, combined with a high unemployment rate in  South Africa and the fact that not all of us are able to own a small farm have driven us to develop a greenhouse that is affordable, strong, and looks good enough to have standing right next to your home.

It is our vision that whether you are a keen gardener an emerging entrepreneur or seeking to put food on the table we can provide the hardware and consumables to get the job done right.

Our vision is of more people growing food , healthy crops using bio friendly products equals healthy people.  High yields in a small space because not everybody has a farm, less unemployment because with a limited budget people can really start producing food for the table or even to sell off for cash.


~ A better way of living is within reach ~

Metal Pot Stand
Metal Pot Stand
Metal Pot Stand