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We care for Planet Earth

Mother Nature's Helper

We know that we don't always have the right space or conditions to grow a garden successfully. So with our Garden Houses you will be able to grow those strawberries or green beans to help keep your family healthy.

All Your Needs 'Under One Roof'

While we provide the garden house, we also provide the tools needed to start your Hydroponics system.

Real People, Real Help

We understand the struggle to have a DIY Garden and how it can be daunting to go it alone. Never fear, we at Watercrest Gardenhouses are here to provide helpful tips and tricks.

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Why Choose Us

  • Professionalism

    We take pride in our work and the image we present to our customers. We consider the end user and work hard to provide something that everyone can use.

  • Eco Supportive Systems

    We all care about recycling, eco-friendly products and the overall health of our plant. Garden houses are just one way to help with taking care of our carbon footprints.

  • Additional Hydroponics Products

    We don't just provide the greenhouse. We provide the special miracle elixirs that help keep your garden healthy and growing.

  • Self-sustaining Community

    We care that you are able to provide for your families dietary needs. Especially when it involves their healthy, nutritious foods.

  • Easy DIY Reusable Spaces

    We have made these houses to last, making them usable for many years after installment. This means many years of healthy, GMO Free harvests for your family.

  • Dynamic Change

    The planet needs us, Mother Nature needs us, we need each other to finally start taking responsibility for our wasteful natures and start using what we have been given... the earth. Natural and unprocessed.



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